Ram Mandir [Fait Accompli ?]

Shlok from Ramayana by Valmiki

लोक-नीति -न चातिप्रणयः कार्यः कर्त्तव्योप्रणयश्च ते ।
उभयं हि महान् दोसस्तस्मादन्तरदृग्भव ॥


मृत्यु-पूर्व बालि ने अपने पुत्र अंगद को यह अन्तिम उपदेश दिया था- तुम किसी से अधिक प्रेम या अधिक वैर न करना, क्योंकि दोनों ही अत्यन्त अनिष्टकारक होते हैं, सदा मध्यम मार्ग का ही अवलम्बन करना।

[The last message which Bali conveyed to his son Angad before his death was – Do not love someone too much nor hate too much, because both will be harmful to you, so always follow the middle road (to balance your future)].

The above is from Ramayan.

Shashi Tharoor has posted today on twitter, of how it was Rajiv Gandhi who was the first one to “allow” VHP to do shilanyas [foundation stone] on undisputed land after the faizabad high court opened the locks.

This is typical of a Congressi – who till all this years denied that Rajiv had anything to do with the ram mandir issue and today they, in order to gain support among hindus highlight the above again. At the same time, they also highlight, to gain support among muslims, that it was the allahabad high court which was responsible for opening up the locks.

So typical of a Congressi – who today have lost their identity and seats to almost all parties and in some cases their own men too. A spineless leadership is defined by them.

Congress, as per the shlok from Ramayana, is not in love with anyone but it’s own survival.

So how and when did BJP arrive on the scene – BJP took it up as a political opportunity supporting VHP during the 80s/90s.

Why do I say political opportunity – for that you need to understand the era of Mandal Commission and its repercussion on the vote banks i.e. YOU.

It was #LalKrishnaAdvani whose Ram Rath Yatra did the needful of associating the hindu identity with the ram mandir issue across the nation, consolidating the majority vote bank divided by Mandal Commission on the basis of faith.

The videos flooding the internet, an incident that was repeatedly shown on our black and white TVs, confirmed he was taken aback and shocked by the Babri Masjid demolition, not being able to control the crowds.

He lost his way, not sure whom to love and whom not to – he worships Ram but also conveyed to the nation that he worshipped Jinnah – an icon considered as the architect of the most painful period of India – the Partition.

Advani did not only pay respects to Jinnah’s tomb in Pakistan, but also laid rest to his own political career in India and more so among his own compatriots and BJP.

Advani forgot, in trying to strike a balance – that Jinnah was no more an Indian identity, there cannot be a “political” balance as both are different nations. And in doing so – he became exactly that, which he accused his political enemies of, a pseudo-secular.

Muslim leadership was absolutely at sea, in trying to fight the lethal combination of religion and politics. In fact every utterance during the decades on this issue, only helped the BJP gain further strength. An introspection on the failure is necessary.

Enter #Modi – In order to get the things done in the legible way, Supreme Court laid the first foundation in Nov 2019 by it’s judgment on #RamMandir issue, thus paving the way for the Ram Mandir.

You [me included], may agree or disagree with Modi and his policies, views and actions, but it is a fact that in today’s political arena, he does not have any challenge in the form of a leader in any opposite political party and including the #BJP. A sad fact, as a healthy democracy needs good leaders even in opposition.

Supporters of every political party should focus on trolling their own parties to develop a leader, rather than troll supporters of other political parties.

Remember it took decades to reach the foundation stone and a huge “collateral” damage for the nation. IF anyone benefited during these decades, it were the same political parties at your cost.

#NarendraModi is facing the biggest Ravan of his career, the current crisis, that threatens the livelihood of its citizens, economical backbone of the country. He has had to adopt the same policies – tax more – which he and his colleagues loudly protested of the earlier regime. #Diwali

Will he be able to achieve the balance between faith, hunger, economy ?

We surely hope so, for the sake of our nation.Ram Vs Ravan - Critical Lessons for a Spiritual Seeker - Drishtikone

Now go back to the shlok from the #Ramayana – understand the words of Bali and the context of this post -before you react.

#JaiShriRam ! Jai Hind !

Futility of Stardom – Sushant Singh Rajput

A barrage of videos, opinions, solutions and suggestions were received post the untimely demise of Sushant Singh Rajput. #SSR #SushantSinghRaput #@itSSR


#Nepotism is industry is at fault, and the key players are Karan Johar, Salman Khan, Yash Raj Films etc etc – seems to be an unanimous opinion across the social media.

Remember when 3 IDIOTS was released, and was an massive hit, it ignited discussions around how in India, a doctor wants his child to be a doctor, an engineer wants his child.. you got the gist.

It exists everywhere, especially in India. In case of SSR, it was his naivety to expect anything else – and bollywood is a frivolous world – a world of make believe after all.

A few projects being snatched away was not the end of the world and going by newer updates he had a few upcoming projects too. And what is this talk about TV vs Films – Today we see Salman, Rohit Shetty, Akshay, SRK all minting money on TV too.

SSR was in a fragile space – in and out of relationships, under the burden of his own ambitions, some really tough.. he was tough on himself and seems to have been in the habit of constantly evaluating self – no doubt some politics may have been played in breaking his morale, his self esteem. But did it really demand an exit, in the manner which he did ?

What about his immediate family ? Their dreams about him and flying along with him and his success. There are scores of people struggling in Mumbai, who would have given their right arm to achieve half the success that SSR did.

The death was a result, I feel due to depression brought about by over expectations, low self esteem and lack of communication with others and also self – remember you need to talk to yourself also with positivity ! Do not allow those thoughts to fester in your mind.

Lockdown = BJP’s notice period ?

Lockdown = BJP’s notice period ?

Before some friends get agitated, do note the question mark in the title.

Attended Gadkari’s live session on twitter with small scale industry leaders, while the problems were enumerated, the answer was that they will revert back and people were asked to “submit” their problems.

Do the people really need to “submit” their problems for the government to understand the issues. ? How difficult it is for the bureaucracy to look around and find it out for themselves. You just need to take a walk outside your building to understand the problems of your next door grocer.

The lockdown is necessary for the virus to not spread – no doubt about it – but the government needs to analyze the impact of the lockdown too and accordingly THINK AND INNOVATE the solutions too. It cannot be a blank shutdown of services across the country.

The video of the auto driver damaging his own vehicle, after being stopped and beaten by the police speaks volumes – hear him say how he has not had a single morsel of food in the last 3 days.

Checkout the frustration and determination of a son, Arif, cycling from Mumbai to Jammu, Rajouri to help his father [He was eventually helped by our uniform angels].

But not all are so lucky, the impact of lockdown if not analyzed properly, may end up killing more people than the virus. A person starved to death in Ahmedabad.

It would help BJP / State Govts to work closely, and implement partial lockdown, the onus of ensuring that we do not get the virus – is on the people too unless someone has suicidal tendency and does not adhere to social distancing. It’s time to partially lift the lockdown for non-essentials too – along with stringent social distancing measures.

#NarendraModi #BJP #Lockdown #UddhavThackeray #Shivsena

Four More Shots Please.. 2


And they are back !

Had caught up with Season 1 when I was stuck for a weekend in Ahmedabad, and now I got time during lockdown, again in Ahmedabad..

Saw 4 episodes, and Siddhi Patel is roaring and enjoying her life, moving with a vengeance from one stud to another.. if the first season saw #MaanviGàagro be an absolute natural, this season proves that the role is tailor made for her.. she’s plain awesome, as the fumbling, bubbly, at times wrong with her choices yet innocent at heart Siddhi Patel. #FourMoreShotsPlease

#KirtiKulhari and #SayaniGupta too are top notch, and their characters and situations are well developed by the writers. Having seen Sayani G in some different movies, she is an chameleon.

Bani and Lisa Ray’s story though may seem like a single narrative and Bani’s helpless expressions get a tad annoying..

Prateik Babbar looks fantastic with his new chiseled body.. he deserves better roles.

The story of four friends showcase a gamut of emotions, life lessons, relationship goals and yet keeps the entertainment quotient high, without being preachy.

Definitely watchable, probably you would end up binge watching it too – do note it’s a rated watch on Amazon Prime.


#Lockdown India

On BBC, I saw a Indian doctor, anonymously, confess and show videos that testing in India is just not enough.

Lot of people with symptoms are being turned away due to lack of testing kits.

Even the medical community is at risk and kits are not available for them too.

With a population of 1.3 billion people, the majority of which live in conditions, live neck to neck and have no other options, a complete extension of the lockdown is a must.

It goes without saying that India’s rate of testing viz-a-viz it’s population is the lowest in the world.

Healthcare workers, State police and services workers are at the maximum risk – and so are their families. #Natendramodi

Yes, economy needs to be revived and businessmen are at tenterhooks to get things back to normal but a staggered opening of lockdown will be suicide !! #Lockdown #Coronavirus

ज़िन्दगी थम सी गई

ज़िन्दगी थम सी गई
कहना तुम से बहुत कुछ है
पर वह कॉफ़ी रह ही गई

हिचकिचाये थे बहुत हम तुम्हे मिलने से
जब वक़्त ले पाए तो
वक़्त की कमी काम कर गई

ज़िन्दगी थम सी गई
कहना तुम से बहुत कुछ है
पर वह कॉफ़ी रह ही गई

कॉफ़ी के बहाने
तुमसे मिलते ए दोस्त
ज़िन्दगी के कुछ मसले सुलझाते

बात मन की मन ही मै रह गई
कहना तुम से बहुत कुछ है
पर वह कॉफ़ी रह ही गई

मेरी हिचकिचाहट को तेवर ना समझ
लफ्जो की कमी है
वक़्त चाहिए तुमसे

कॉफ़ी के बहाने मिलना है
सब्र से बहुत कुछ कहना है
तेरी मुस्कुराहट में भी उर्जा है

लेकिन गौरंग
बात मन की मन ही मै रह गई
कहना तुम से बहुत कुछ है
पर वह कॉफ़ी रह ही गई

– गौरंग

Tiger ! Tiger ! Tail on Fire !

#ShivSena #NCP #BJP

I have given up on Indian News Channels however at times when I feel the need for some comedy and good laughs I do resort to them.

Saw an interview of Sanjay Raut on one such channel, where he mentioned how he met Sharad Pawar for issues related to Farmers. Boy did I have a good laugh!

Bonus is, the channel kept airing it again and again similar to Ekta Kapoor’s serials, where the actors repeat each dialogue three times “Kya! Kya! Kya!”.

When the layman can see through the political machinations of Pawar, was Uddhav so naive enough to rely on him for support. Does he not know that Pawar like the Shakespearean Merchant of Venice, Shylock, always has the bigger pound of flesh and nothing less will do.

Did he really expect him to support a kid [as compared to Pawar] like Aditya Thackeray as CM and work under him along with Sonia.

Cmon! Not only have you lost an ally, but more importantly lost the confidence of the people who voted for you, lost the confidence of the shiv sainik and the marathi manus.

Had Balasaheb been there, it would have been NCP doing the rounds of Matoshree, trying to work out a deal.

More then the ShivSena, the current situation is a tight slap to the voters, especially in Mumbai, who continued to vote for the party despite it being a stronghold in BMC and totally destroyed the city.

Do not be surprised if NCP, what with Modi praising NCP in Rajyasabha, is approached by the BJP with an offer that increases NCP’s clout among farmers in exchange for “outside” support.



#Joker a review

After an horrible flight delay and a Sunday down with sore throat, fever and sinusitis pain, was aching to get back to action.

images (32)

A solid recommendation from sonny prompted me to get well on a fast track and booked Monday night tickets with bro.

The movie is not about a comic book character in a conventional sense, do not expect superhero stuff here. Instead this is perhaps the most chillingly real portrayal of a man suffering from mental health issues.

Arthur Fleck suffers from a neurological condition, prone to sudden bursts of laughter. He lives in a rundown apartment with his ailing mom. Arthur’s mom keeps writing letters to the town’s politician Thomas Wayne, requesting help for herself and her son.

Arthur’s condition gets him jobs of a stand in clown outside departmental stores. He is bullied, abused, beaten up all the while laughing uncontrollably due to his condition. He carries a card that describes his disorder which he can show to people who may be offended by his laughs.

#JoaqinPhoenix scares you by the sheer transformation, both physical and mental, and bringing alive the #Joker on the screen. The movie has generated controversy world over on the depiction of mental health, probably because #Joker brings out the various issues that delve in each and every human being. As a quote in the movie goes – The worst part of having a mental illness is people expect you to behave as if you don’t.

This is the struggle of #Joker, who constantly tries to be a part of the society, a society that is biased, prejudiced towards people like him and continue to ridicule, manipulate (Arthur’s colleague Randall), detest and adopt a patronising attitude (lack of government support, social services).

When Arthur reads one of his mom’s letter which reveals that he is the son of Thomas Wayne (Bruce Wayne – Batman is a child), he pines for acknowledgment but gets ridiculed again.

Is #Joker really the son of Thomas Wayne and brother of Bruce Wayne – check out what happens when the Arthur aka #Joker realizes that while he lived his life in self pity, his life was not a tragedy but a f#₹%@ comedy !

I need to see it again, an incredible feat by #ToddPhilips but may not be palatable to all.

7 stars all the way !

Howdy Modi !

Howdy Modi ? Howdy indeed !

Heard the speech of #PMModi on Youtube after receiving an whatsapp msg on it from a dear friend yesterday morning. An absolutely gobsmacking performance, seen for the first time by an Indian leader on American soil, at least in my lifetime.

He trumped #Trump in his own backyard.

The speech will go in to history as a textbook case study of how to corner your counterpart without patronising him and yet make him feel obliged to deliver what you want.

Knowing very well, that millions of indians will be glued to the idiotbox, he dealt a deathblow to the congress party by coming out with blazing guns on #article370 – a confidence rarely seen in an Indian leader before, perhaps the exception being Indira Gandhi.

Despite being criticized in quite a few international forums ( read biased media ) on the restrictions imposed in #Kashmir, the PM bravely declared that it was an almost unanimous decision by both houses of the parliament – this conveyed an hidden and yet a loud message to Trump that even the opposition was with him on 370.

His comment and phrase “incremental change” being followed by his predecessor’s will ring for long in the ears of the congressmen. At the same time, the emphasis on giving a “farewell” to such approach and bringing in permanent changes will also ring loud among the audience, reminding them again of article 370.

Using the widely televised platform to thank Trump for solid support and stand on fight against terrorism, he unilaterally demolished Pakistan’s all efforts to bring Kashmir in international courts.

Trump, being the shrewd businessman that he is, knew that Imran cannot get him votes in America but Modi can. He willingly played into the hands of Modi. Modi gifted him an standing ovation too 😅 ! Trump must have felt that an “Apprentice” was recruiting him and probably insecure too that this immigrant/asian leader has the key to the numbers of his survival game at the chair.

Modi revealed that he is a decision maker but also a risk taker, again by delivering a slap to congress that he takes challenges head on and does not procrastinate on them.

Pakistan probably has become a social pariah among the international community post #HowdyModi !

A big thanks to the PM #NarendraModi in boosting India’s image and also the negotiating power worldwide.

A stupendous blockbuster indeed, what is now required is to deliver on the multitude of issues that we have at home whether it is the infrastructure, civic amenities, farmer suicides, quadrilateral project completion, alternate energy fuels, carbon footprint, reservation on the basis of economic criteria, revamping the complete school education system, judiciary reforms, Inflation/Fiscal deficit and last but not the least UNIFORM CIVIL CODE.

Chhichhore – Review

A very apt movie for today’s genx who are short on patience and give up easily. It really disturbed me, when in Mumbai, a young boy and a girl committed suicide near the place where I stay. The reasons made known later were unbelievable and made us wonder why..

#NiteshTiwari touches the issue here to make a point that being termed as losers or feeling like one, is just one of the phase of life. #Chhichhore starts on a #3Idiots style hostel prank and the first half is focused on building the characters. Hostel H4 inmates are termed as losers. Their names will stay with you post the movie, and you will remember them as Acid, Sexa, Mummy, Bevda and Anni and Maya, the lead protagonists.

The complete movie is in a flashback, when Anni and Maya’s son attempts suicide and is critical. Anni decides to narrate the story of losers to his son, on hospital bed. The moral of the story being failure is not the end of the world.

The characters after sometime seem caricaturish, except for Sexa [Varun Sharma] and Derek [Tahir Raj Bhasin]. #ShraddhaKapoor continues to score.. #PratiekBabbar has a small role but has the required screen presence and the charisma, only if he got the right roles.

Definitely a good watch, with the social message etc., but cannot be compared to #3Idiots or #Dangal.