Kiran Bedi – And justice for all…?

Kiran Bedi was overlooked for the position of Delhi Police Commissioner. She is on leave and is busy with media channels highlighting her grievances.
With a female president, a defacto albeit foreign "behind the scenes" PM and female CM all in Delhi, Congress’s image would have been better with a Female Delhi Comissioner.
But who would invite alibaba to the party of thieves? It would have made life miserable for the crooked high and mighty of delhi if Kiran Bedi was in charge.
The so called elite and the know all were conspicous by their absence on media channels to give their opinion about the issue.
But a person like Kiran Bedi who has the junta with her needs no support from individuals, she is strong enough to send a shiver among the scoundrels…
Madam we need you…you be in the force…and expose the corruption within.

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  1. Unless and until this corrupt system is changed, we cannot claim \’FREEDOM INDIA\’. Police department, supposed to be safeguarding the interest of the people is the most corrupted. They do any thing for money / benefits. Mrs. Kiran Badi survived from many hurdles and adjusted with many and remained with them being a lady, itself is a great achievement. She never questioned shunting to unimportant departments. Surprisingly she made remarkable change in the Jail inmates living conditions and their attitudes. It is recoganised by the world before Indian Top Guns. It made her opponents head bent. Now in the last term of her tenure she was by passed. It cannot be tolerated. They know Court cases will prolong for years and by the time it finish she will be in her retiring age. The maximum benefit she can get is the salary and benefits of a commissioner. It is paid from the government and still it is a success for the crooks. We the nation is the loser by not getting her honarable service. This has to be stopped by MORCH or any such extreme steps by the public. There is no politics in it. It is Nation fighting for justice. The Capital Delhi is also the capital of CROOKS & CRIMINALS. LET US WAKE-UP AND START THE FREEDOM FIGHT AGAINST THE CORREPT.
    Abraham .P.C.
    Mumbai. 400059   

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