Howard’s refusal to Apologise to Haneef…

"Australia will not be apologising to Dr Haneef," Mr Howard told reporters.
"Dr Haneef was not victimised and Australia’s international reputation has not been harmed by this ‘mis-start’ to its new anti-terrorism laws."
Hmm….’mis-start’ of this extent may not have harmed Australia’s international reputation but what about the individual’s rights? If it was a Australian under similar circumstances, would howard have demanded an apology? Yes! And Human Rights Organisations and the international media would have had a field day in lambasting our "inept-ness".
Kevin Andrews, says that he has secret information which makes him suspicious about Haneef’s involvement. How can "secret information" that may lead to a terrorist network be ignored and Haneef be released?
If Haneef is really innocent – the australian government ought to apologise for harassing a Indian Citizen. Our’s is a conservative society, and the label of a terrorist’s cousin also will stay stuck to Haneef and will always be treated as a pariah by the people.
Haneef shuold sue them for millions…

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