Month: August 2007

Wisdom From Adversity

From the Harvard Business Review – March 2007, with the same title…

Wisdom From Adversity

A traumatic event forces you to rethink your life and your beliefs. Since my injury, I’ve spoken with numerous people who have gone through crises, and certain themes have repeatedly come up. Some are truisms that we’ve known since childhood, but they don’t really take root until you face a serious challenge to your identity. Below, I’ve summarized a few of the lessons I’ve learned.

You can’t know what will happen tomorrow – and it’s better that way.

If we knew all the good and bad things in store for us, we would probably focus on preventing the bad. It’s far more rewarding to engage with the present.

You can’t control what happens, just how you respond.

Successful people are accustomed to being in control, but adversity strikes unannounced. The only way to influence the outcome is by focusing on the things you have the power to control: the choices you make in response to life’s events.

Adversity distorts reality but crystallizes the truth. It reinforces your fears but also puts an emphasis on what matters right now. Adversity also sheds light on your beliefs: It shows you what is important to you, who your friends are, what you are capable of, and what your true goals and ambitions are.

Loss amplifies the value of what remains.

It pushes you (and may force you) to take stock of what you have, allowing you to liberate yourself from petty or irrelevant matters and celebrate your assets.

It’s easier to create new dreams than to cling to broken ones.

Adversity alters relationships and may even ruin them. It destroys some dreams and renders others unlikely. Certain things will be irrevocably lost, and pretending otherwise is foolish. But adversity also provides an opportunity to houseclean – to pack old dreams away and make room for new ones.

Your happiness is more important than righting injustices. Anger is a normal response to a traumatic event, but attempting to assign blame or seek justice is draining and usually futile. It’s more fruitful to release the anger and move forward with your life.


Sanjay Dutt gets bail.

"People get pleasure to make an example of successful people"As if others dont have anything else to do!!
"He has a golden heart" – Sure! He did ttry to purchase a military weapon from poor gangsters.
"He is a kid at heart though he is 45+"He deserves to be in a mental aslyum not jail!
"He has paid a lot all this years" – Yes! Remember how apologetic he sounded while chatting up a bhai along with his friends in Nashik, Taj Hotel.
Before you celebrate his freedom or interim bail, read the following to understand the justice system:

Movies seen over the weekend…

The Queen

A unique view of the life of the Royals – makes you feel pity for them!! Helen Mirren is awesome though as HRH Elizabeth.

City Of God

Awesome movie. "In a Rio slum called Cidade de Deus we meet character after character that has the right idea, knowledge and courage to get out but somehow always ends up being pulled right back into this vicious circle. Becoming a hoodlum in Cidade de Deus isn’t just a fringe career option for disenchanted rebels and social outcasts – it’s the main industry.

Shivsena at it again!

And they won’t stop! Sanjay Raut says that the police need to take care of the rowdy elements in the protest rally.
This was not to protest the SEZ plan, but was a demo of things to come if the Srikrishna Report is implemented! It is to convey that Mumbai will burn if Sena’s leaders are touched.
Vilasrao will surely not touch the sena patriach but will dilly dally the matter till the public memory fades away. Udhhav forgets that its still Balasaheb’s charisma that’s getting him the votes and not himself. He will loose whatever goodwill he has, if this continues.
R.R.Patil, the watchdog is sleeping it seems… 

Mumbai Photo 1


Queen’s Necklace at Night

Now that I will be moving out of Mumbai – it’s nostalgia time…so here is an photographic tribute to Mumbai….forwarded to me by email.

Pawar Talk

Pawar says that Farmers should switch over to different vocations and leave farming for good!!
Did he really say that? This coming from the Minister of Agriculture is a shock!!
I wish for a Civil Revolution now…seriously..

Great KHALI and Mahatma Gandhi

Was surfing the channels after coming from office, after a torturous drive from Vikhroli via Powai [war zone] to Andheri.
Being in a similar mood – I opted for Ten Sports to watch Freaks pounding Freaks on WWF, so that I could imagine doing that to the BMC officials and cool down…but then Khali from Punjab, India was introduced by his manager as being revered by Indians as much as the Mahatma!!
Why me man…why..can’t even watch tv without boling blood…