How Are You Different and Better?

How Are You Different and Better?

What is your area of

differentiation? This is the key to success in business. What is it that you offer to your customers that none of your competitors can offer? What is it that your business does for your customers that makes you special in some way?

The rule is:

If you don’t have competitive advantage, don’t compete.

One of your greatest responsibilities is to either determine or develop your area of differentiation, your competitive advantage, and then focus all of your marketing and sales efforts in that area.

What is it that you, and only you, can do for your customers that no other company can offer? What is your ‘‘unique selling proposition?’’

Each company has to have an area of excellence. What is yours? This is something in which you excel and that is important and valuable to your customers.

Every individual must have one or more areas of excellence as well. What is it that you do, or could do, better than anyone else in your business? The development and exploitation of your competitive advantage and your area of excellence is the key to getting through crunch time.

Sometimes, just reverting to what it is that you do extremely well for your customers can turn your situation around.

From Brian Tracy’s Crunch Point…

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