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Mid-day reports that some couples have split and someone has lost his nerve all due to sensex.
It gave me sleepless nights too since a few days, and I was cursing the SEBI on bringing up the P-Notes issue now when I intended to book some profit.
P-Notes issue is not a new issue, and isnt it unethical for SEBI to announce a draft plan in the middle of the week, couldnt it have declared the same on let’s say a friday
evening or better still on a holiday. And why a draft plan – come out with a new resolution or shut the hell up!!
But by behaving in this manner, it definitely seems that someone has tried to use clout to either make major gains or get out of some huge short selling position when the index was headed upwards only. I agree with the BJP demand of JPC probe and everyone needs to know why this declaration of intent was made at all.
Chidambaram’s statement was quite late in the day too and why was this stand not declared by the ministry instead of by the SEBI Officials?
Need some answers.

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