A Comatose Politician? So what’s new…
By: Date: October 25, 2007 Categories: Uncategorized
Aren’t they all? I knew it all along. The media just woke up it seems. Please note POLITICIANS in India are all comatose! Get it? No?
Well look at our dear PM and his current state after the nuke-flop show…he is in a "comatose" state. The dynamic sonia too has delivered no bytes to the media on the same – not her fault – she is comatose!!
The leftists who are just lucky to be sharing power have been "comatose" since a long time. As for the BJP – you juste have to look at them – even after babri and godhra issues and many more deaths – their stance and ideology is – "comatose"….yes you got it now!!
Maharashtra farmers are committing suicides as they are alive – but the CM and Mr.Power are not moved by the same – Y? Because they are "Comatose"….see it’s simple isnt it?
So called terrrorists strike at stadiums, trains, public places – y – because they do not want to strike at politicians houses and kill "comatose" people.
Last but not the least, you want to see millions of "comatose" people?
Just have a look at those who elect the undesirable, criminal elements as our representatives in politics. These so-called citizens are comatose citizens and its a infectious trend – I maybe one too!! 

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