Dial M for Modi….

Modi has done it! What was obvious to the common man, was not so in case of the media and political parties. Call him a murderer, communalist or a dictator – you cannot ignore modi.
What the common man fails to understand is why the media and other political parties made a hue and cry over the shahbuddin statement? He was mentioning, as seen by all on TV, that if a man convicted of having arms such as AK-47 etc., is murdered in an encounter it does not matter to him. Shahbuddin was not your regular 9-5 honest working professional!! And what about the countless criminals who infest congress, SJP, CPM and likes??
Media tried to brand Modi a criminal – that was rejected outright by the people.
Whether this author likes him or not, agrees/disagress with his actions/statements, the fact is that Sonia, Karat and also BJP dissidents such as Keshubhai have failed to "dethrone" Modi.
BJP leadership has a lot to worry now – this win has catapulted Modi to the level of a National Leader, so be ready for some silly statements such as "Grassroots workers/cadres worked hard" etc etc. trying to take the credit away from Modi, instead of gracefully accepting that this was a fantastic single-handed win by Modi, in view of internal party dissidents and a vengeful media.
BJP should not dream that this win reflects the mood of the country though!!
On the flipside, Modi will have to be on the constant watchout for enemies now within the party!!

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