Layman’s take on India’s Nuclear Deal

Nuclear Apartheid Ends – the media proclaims. But if the opposition leaders are to be believed, we have surrendered our rights to future nuclear tests and will have to a pay a heavy price if we do so. On the brighter side, we can now approach countries like Russia and France for Nuclear technology and not be dependent on US.
Nuclear Energy and Power is the need of the hour, besides PM Manmohan Singh is one of the last [from the older generation] few leaders of this country whose integrity, intelligence and capability is above doubt.
Still the path is not rosy as it seems, if we did not accept the inclusion of the condition of automatic cessation of trade in case India goes ahead with nuclear tests, similarly the countries in the NSG including the US reserve the right to stop nuclear trade in case India executes any tests.
SO are we onboard and yet not at par in terms of rights and authority with countries such as china….if thats the case – this whole process can be considered as a SHAM by the Indian people. The NPT is more in the interests of the Western countries, especially US.
If at all we have been accomodated, it is largely due to the large indian market, that would help this western countries to bolster their dipping economies.
Let’s hope it’s not at India’s cost and that the PM is playing his cards well!! – GAURANG BOOKSELLER

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