The Singur Saga…Will Tata’s agree?

It was really surprising, that the governor could manage to convince the stubborn Mamata to call up the agitation. But the media news were incomplete, apart from the announcement of withdrawal of agitation, no other info was shared with the media, regarding where Budhha had to compromise and at what  and whose cost? Not surprisingly Tata Motors issued statement, about continuing with the suspension of work till the deal details were shared with them.
How could the governor not invite Ratan Tata to be part of the talks, or they presumed that the tatas would be gullible enough to continue with the plant, and when enough money had been pumped in, tata’s could be forced to continue at Mamata’s terms. Or is this a case of total sellout by Mamata – which is unlikely. She definitely must have got her pound of flesh…but whose – Buddhadeb’s or Ratan Tata’s – the soap opera continues….

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