Month: October 2008

TINGYA….What a Movie…

If you need to know that India too is capable of world class cinema – watch "tingya".
I hope our agriculture minister has seen it –  Please donate passes to Mr Pawar for the same.
The child actor Sharad will be forever etched in your memory as Tingya.
Take a Bow Mangesh Hadawale!! all the best for the oscars – my gut feeling is – tingya will bring it home…:))

Sourav Ganguly – The Enigma

The prince of kolkata has hung up his boots in the game of cricket. Ganguly was arguably the numero uno among the fab 4 atleast with respect to the dogged determination that he displayed – a never say quit bloke!!
Also after gavaskar who used to show some teeth and believed in giving back – it was our ganguly who had the spine to stand up to the aggression of the aussies and not be dilplomatically silent like Sachin/Dravid. It was this trait that made him a true leader – more than his playing skills, and also made him adorable and acceptable to the indians as the captain of the indian team.
We have not seen the last of ganguly yet and this is not an obituary to his career – this is a guy who would give his 100% percent to the game and indians expect him to move into the role of being the guardian of indian cricket..hope the mandarins of the BCCI involve him in shaping indian cricket.