Mumbai Attacked by Mujahedin…

Unbelievable….I have mentioned in some of my earlier posts about the apathy of those in power towards mumbai.
But this is TOTAL failure of the intelligence network, the snaps of terrorists with arms going thro detectors and frisking points tells the story. Who monitors the CCTV cameras? Were they installed just to favour some vendors and fill up the pockets of corrupt govt officials??
It is the common man – paying the price because of the incompetency and inefficiency of the Vilasrao Govt. Whether its the power situation, suicide of farmers, pathetic infrastructure – bad roads which have caused an increase of patients with back problems as reported by papers, total bankruptcy of political will to solve issues – this are the highlights of the Vilasrao government.
A few days back our ATS chief HEMANT KARKARE – who died a valiant death, was made a target of vicious allegations by none other than the Opposition Leader of this country, since Karkare was involved in the investigations of the Malegaon blasts and had discovered a hindu terrorist angle. It was enough for the second largest political party to go hammer and tongs against him, affectively trying to derail the investigations. Now after his death – they will sing tributes for him. Same for Vijay Salaskar, encounter specialist.
M.C.Sharma, the president medal award winner Inspector, who lost his life at BATLA house in delhi in a encounter was NOT EVEN spared post his death by Mr.Amar Singh !! He and Mullayam Yadav felt the need to go to Jamia Masjid and voice their grievances there and demand a judicial probe.
I wish the MNS and Sena had let loose their ever ready followers and workers at the Taj and Oberoi to fight the terrorists, WISH !!!. Less said about the Home Minister, the better.
So what now – NOTHING !! Be ready for a media circus, that would "analyse" and do a postmortem of the tragic events and invite – to quote TVR Shenoy from Rediff – drawing room activists such as Arundhati Roys and the Javed Akhtars of the world to give their soundbytes.
Dear fellow citizens, let the leaders know that we care more for our Hemant Karkares, Salaskars and M.C.Sharmas than for them. Equip our forces with the latest of weapons, best of training, learn from the small nation of Israel that makes the petro-dollar rich Arabs go weak in their knees.
Meanwhile what does the common man do – get up brusied and battered from the event, shed tears over his loved ones, spend time and try to arrange the jigsaw puzzle of his life all over again, and get the OFT-REPEATED praise from one and all that the SPIRIT OF MUMBAI WILL NEVER DIE and wait for another CRISIS to hit us all over again.

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