NDA Rajnath Singh talks about Surgical Strikes on Pakistan

Mr.Singh talks about surgical strikes on pakistan if the BJP was in power. This hollow talk is to cash in on the mood of the people after the audacious mumbai attack by pakistan.
BJP or any other political party does not have the spine or the guts to go to war, period. We, Indians, will keep harping about the great democracy that we have, about ahinsa, gandhi’s ideals, about soon being a global economic superpower, BUT WE WILL NOT GO TO WAR till we get the go ahead from our WESTERN masters [USA now, Russia is long gone].
We have been hearing Mr.Pranab M now uttering strong words, only to repeat the same since two months…it was 26/11, does anyone recall..??
We are feeding that Bastard KASAB from two months, protecting his life at the cost of taxpayer’s money….Contrast that to the current attack on girls to protect us from PUB CULTURE…
I say fasttrack the case – convict him to death and send him to gallows….but ensure that this is televised worldwide…
Take a lesson from the Jews…Pakistan is a totalitarian state ruled by a bunch of jokers who are morally, politically, ethically bankrupt.
1. Stop all TRADE with Pakistan – no imports or exports…
2. Increase coastal security.
3. Increase BSF patrolling.
4. Traitors found colluding with terrorists to be punished with death.
5. Enforce rules over coverage of such incidents by media.
Be like the Israelis, who keep their self-respect and don’t listen even to USA when it comes to protecting their nation.

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