Starving to Death in Mumbai !!

Mumbai Mirror reported the story of Farzin Batliwala, a 7 year old who starved to death in mumbai. Her mother, a maid had left her home to take care of her siblings. The neighbours claim they were not "informed" by the mother of the same. Do we really need to be informed by someone whether he/she is starving? I thought we could look at a person and especially a child to know whether the child is hungry or not – and this is a case of "starving".
The financial capital of India, where currently the fight is on whether the state’s sons have more right than others to livelihood, could not accomodate the hunge of a 7 year old. A resident of Vasai, when the neighbours took her to Golden Park Hospital, she was refused admission as neighbours did not have the money to pay for her admission.
Was there not a single person in the hospital, who would not be driven by guilt for refusing this child admission? May God forgive me, but I cannot help but wish the worst for those who chose to look the other way, whether at the hospital. Do we have a health ministry..?
The most surprising part of this tragedy is that it happend in the Parsi Community. With dwindling numbers of its existence, the so called custodians of the parsi community are ignorant of the ills that plague it’s own house.
May God bless her soul and she rest in peace!!

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