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Had an interesting conversation with a friend. He worked for a leading beverage company as a Area Sales Manager. He worked there for quite a few years and quickly grew through the ranks. Than came the boom time and he got an offer from a telecom company with a fantastic pay hike. On the basis of that single factor he accepted the same. The charm, as is the case, soon gave way to despair since the product and the different market was not his strong point. The result was poor performance – no increments/hike – disappointment – low confidence and eventually switching back to the market that he knew.

Soon after the same, came across a interesting book “Life Matters – Creating a dynamic balance of work, family..” by Roger Merrill. The below para definitely summed it up for me and hence I thought of sharing the same with you.

An old story from Italy tells of a priest who comes up to three stonecutters working in the hot afternoon sun. The priest asks the first, “My son, what are you doing?”

The man replies, “I am cutting stone.”

The priest then asks the second man, “What are you doing?”

The stonecutter replies, “I’m making 100 lira a day.”

Finally, he asks the third stonecutter the same question.

This worker replies, “I am building a beautiful cathedral.”

What’s the difference? It’s the context. It’s the reason for working.

It’s fairly easy to see how you can love your work if you love the thing you do—particularly if you’re not stressed out about family or other issues. But the truth is that all of these reasons can bring fulfillment and joy. It’s fine to cut stone if you love to cut stone. It’s also wonderful to cut stone if that’s the best way you can provide for those you love. And it’s wonderful to cut stone if you really love the idea of building a cathedral—even if stonecutting is not your favorite thing to do. You may not love the task itself, but the context of love is there.

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