Will the BJP wake up..?

BJP need not waste it’s time organizing chintan baithaks..they can approach the citizen of this country or appoint a poll survey firm to gather questions from BJP voters.

A few from me…


1. We have seen so many flip-flops from Advani, that we do not see him as the future PM of India.

2. Jaitley or Arun Shourie would have been better in place of Rajnath.

3. When you commit faux pas, admit to the same. Such as allowing Narendra Modi to continue or not admonishing Varun Gandhi.

4. It was a plain moronic political move to sack Jaswant Singh, if it was just to satisfy ego, he could have been allowed to continue but demoted. But you made a martyr of him. Also note, voters/people too read books, and they can judge whether it was required to sack him or not.

5. Before you target Manmohan Singh, ensure you have equivalent leaders with the same stature in your party. Target Manmohan, for his slips such as Sharm-el-shaikh, but do not target his integrity. On that the whole country is with him.

6. Work with your grassroots level workers in the state, and avoid political alliances such as one with the shivsena. An Alliance should be based on ideology, principles on not only on the mathematics of seat sharing.


Will let others add on to it.

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