Jaipur – Kids injected with HIV+ blood…

In the growing economy, future superpower, and the ever developing nation since 1947, four kids in jaipur were given HIV+ blood by a criminal [un-licensed doctor]. A few days back, a racket of different kind where animal blood packets were sold as human blood was un-earthed.
Health Ministers should stop focussing on whether celebrities smoke or not, they have personal nutrionists and doctors to worry for them, and focus on this menace that exists and threatens to poison the next generation of our country.
The media should increase focus and investigate such matters, and leave the Ambanis and Advanis to their state. The nation has nothing to gain from their personal disputes – or rather the nation is more interested in un-earthing such matters that play with it’s health.
Hope the politico see some sense – and pursue this matter and punish the criminals at the earliest.

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