Eleven Keys…

Came across some exercises with respect to various factors, try to go through two of them below – Confidence/Curiousity.

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From: You Want Me to Work with Who? – By Julie Jansen.


1. You’re late to a staff meeting and your boss stops talking when you walk in the room and comments about your tardiness. You:

a. Coolly remark that his observation skills are as sharp as ever.

b. Say that you’re sorry and explain why you were late.

c. Apologize to everyone in the room and tell your boss you’ll be happy to do whatever is needed to learn what you missed.

2. Your coworker compliments you on what you’re wearing. You say:

a. “Yes, I look pretty good in this, don’t I?”

b. “Thank you very much, it’s one of my favorite outfits!”

c. “This? It was on sale and it would look a lot better if I could lose ten pounds.”

3. Your boss asks you to take on a project in a high-visibility area you know very little about. You:

a. Agree immediately and tell her it’s about time you’ve been given a plum assignment like this one.

b. Thank her and ask her what resources will be available for you to use so that you will be successful.

c. Tell her that you need to think about it and stay awake all night worrying about what you should do.

4. You worked very hard on a presentation for an important client and afterward got feedback from the client that he was disappointed. You:

a. E-mail him and tell him that you put a lot of effort into the presentation and you can’t understand why he was dissatisfied.

b. Call him and ask him how soon you can get together to discuss what was missing and what to do next.

c. Send him an e-mail apologizing for disappointing him.

5. One of your direct reports approaches you and tells you that she feels as if you undermine her in meetings. You:

a. Feel surprised and deny that you do this to her.

b. Thank her for having the courage to tell you and suggest that you sit down together to discuss it.

c. Apologize profusely and tell her that you’ll never do it again.


1. Your work is the most fulfilling and enjoyable when you:

a. Are constantly learning new things every day.

b. Have a balance of both predictable and new tasks and projects.

c. Know exactly what to expect every day.

2. When was the last time you had a completely new or unique experience?

a. Just recently.

b. In the last year.

c. I honestly can’t remember.

3. Your manager asks you to come up with a new approach for a business problem.


a. Excitedly plan to read as much as you can, interview people, benchmark best practices, and study everything you can get your hands on before

getting started.

b. Do a little interviewing of people who have dealt with the same type of problem and then write a brief plan.

c. Get started right away—you’ve wanted to sink your teeth into the situation for a long time.

4. Your colleagues would describe you as:

a. Someone who is constantly seeking out new ways of doing things even when change isn’t necessary.

b. Someone who is interested in other people and new ideas.

c. Someone who is steady and content with the way things are.

5. Which one of the following statements best describes you?

a. I need to search for answers, speculate about things, and experience new sensations as much as possible.

b. I fill my spare time with interesting activities and love learning new things whenever I can.

c. If something interests me, I pursue it; otherwise, I’m not that inquisitive.

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