3 idiots – Five Point Someone
By: Date: January 11, 2010 Categories: Uncategorized
What the heck was the controversy about? The book was anyday better than the movie, and the essence of youth and studentdays is best captured by the book. The movie seemed like a laboured effort, the lead actor had too much of pancake on his face to look a 20 year old, and his acting [if you can call that] in the introduction scene was over the top. Instead of a 20 year old, he acted like a robot or a zombie. Didn’t expect this from Aamir? The ragging scene was a desperate attempt by the director to garner some laughs as it worked in his earlier movie but again goes overboard and families though laughing do cringe at the exposure. Munnabhai was innocence at it’s best.
We got the message and an excellent one at that, but could have been depicted better.
Sharman Joshi and Madhavan are naturals when it comes to acting and are at their best in this movie. Kareena has nothing to do, but does a recap of "jab we met" character. Boman is good but why the Einstein look, its caricaturistic…
The actor with the bit role "Joy Lobo" who commits suicide shows promise. But Silencer was the best and his acting spoke volumes, Omi Vaidya is definitely a talented actor.
Rajkumar Hirani may have got his hat-trick in terms of box-office success but he lost the soul somewhere in between by compromising to achieve success at all cost.
Aamir is a talented actor – hope he does not go the Kamalhasaan way…

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