Inception the Movie…my review.

About 2-3 years back, me and 2 pals of mine were driving back after attending a common friend’s function. I had to take a right turn and cross the national highway. My car was placed horizontal between the road with a trailer in front of me and a truck waiting behind. Suddenly I looked out of the window, and saw another truck speeding at about 100 km per hour straight onto us. I could not go forward and neither reverse. Our eyes were fixed on that truck for nearly 10 seconds. Those 10 secs felt like a eternity – suddenly I realized I could move my car’s front portion under the trailer and the speeding truck went off the road and sped away.
We crossed the road, and I asked my pal to feel my heartbeat. He asked me to do the same. I still remember how my life/relations went past me in 10 secs. Similarly, Christopher Nolan takes us on a thriller of a ride, in a movie that is way ahead of its time. Sometimes we live a lifetime in a dream that lasts 10 min. Inception takes us through not one such dream but dreams within a dream and also a world where we can share and live our dreams literally.
Maybe not a movie for the masses – Indian, you see lot of confused expressions and hear some grumbling having expected popcorn entertainment. But the subtitles help, and definitely is a reason for the box office success.
Top Notch Special effects, this is a movie where the special effects are actually part of the story line and screenplay and not for action alone. Sure to be nominated for the Oscar. Caprio is good but if one had to mix a close up shot from Shutter Island, it would not be noticed, the puzzled and disturbed look is a tad repetitive. Whereas Ellen Page, Tom Hardy and Joseph Gordon Levitt do justice to their roles, with cameos from Michael Caine and Tom Berenger [Sniper] whom you would not recognize now, he is Uncle Peter Browning in the movie.
The real star is Christopher Nolan – would give my right hand for the screenplay of this movie !!!
Mr.Nolan, if there is anyone who can beat this benchmark – it’s you only, awaiting your next one…

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