Rahat Fateh Ali Khan arrested and released..

It’s really creepy when real life resembles reel life. A Gazal Singer of a nation, perceived as a enemy neighbour, is arrested for trying to smuggle out currency. Sounds familiar? Reminds of Naseerudin Shah’s character from the cult cop caper Sarfarosh.

The singer is the son of the iconic Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, and it is definitely a terrible shame for the lovers of their music and millions of fans worldwide.

I am sure this must be one of those moments – where in human temptation defeats common sense. However the fact that the DRI managed to catch him red-handed, is also very surprising, considering that many such leave our shores regularly to deposit in their swiss bank accounts. So did someone squeal on Rahat. maybe a jealous rival, or was he setup by someone in Bollywood?

It’s anyone’s guess…

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