A open letter to Advani..

Dear Advaniji,

This is with respect to your speech during the world cup victory on IBN7 channel. I say speech, as Rajdeep requested a few sound bytes from you and not a speech and infact was trying to stop you too.

I was quite surprised by the desperation you revealed, in trying to grab the opportunity and indulging in nationalist and patriotic jingoism. It was nauseating and the unfortunately the only jarring note, which was otherwise an unforgettable day in most Indian’s life. Your preachy note to take forward the national pride was pseudo-patriotic to say the least.

The Indian National Team has by this win proved, that irrespective of religion, caste and creed it is only focus, determination and the grooming of right talent along with some stellar leadership that is willing to take some risks, is the only way ahead. Infact I would go the extent of suggesting that the political parties of India need to take lessons from this win about teamwork, religious tolerance etc and not the other way around.

I think it is time now for parties such as yours, to understand the pulse of the common man or else you may reach the numbers that existed pre-1984 in parliament.



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