Baba Ramdev Vs. Sonia ?

What a Drama !! A government that boasts of the largest and biggest scam of 1.75 Lakh crore, largest ever in the history of Free Modern India, comes down hard on Ramdev and his followers in the middle of the night just for asking to ACT and bring back Black Money from Swiss Banks.

Why? Is it because many of the UPA faces would be exposed? This raises a lot of questions for the common man who till date believed in the impeccable reputation of Manmohan Singh. This act raises whether Manmohan is still untouched by the corruption around him.

Turning a blind eye, as he did to the acts by DMK ministers, is also an act of a corrupt mindset, that is interested in the vested interest of keeping his chair.

In fact I am surprised at this suicidal act, which will further strengthen the communal forces of India. This act exposes how politically incompetent are the forces that occupy the highest chair in India. But what can you expect, when you have a person like Kapil Sibal, known to act more as a Political Broker than a Politician as one of the chief advisors. This is the man who set out to single handedly revamp the education system, anyone heard anything later on that?

Digvijay Singh, a politician, who still lives out his royal lineage, and declares statements and handsout titles such as “Thug” as if the people of India will accept the same.

Half of UPA’s thugs, mostly of DMK, who were exposed only because of their constant greed and manipulation and threats to Sonia to pull out of the UPA government, are in Tihar Jail. The CBI of this country is used as a tool for witchhunt by the Government of India.

The cost of living in the name of Globalisation, has widened the rift between the rich and the poor, with the middle class being pushed towards the lower bracket. While foodgrains rot in tonnes, the agriculture minister revels in being power broker of cricket.

We have our own Gaddafis, Mubaraks and Musharrafs in our own backyard in the guise of secular, democratic politicians.

God save India !!!

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  1. Shame shamme!!!!
    Is there other persons to come forward to carry on what Baba Ramdev is doing? Otherwise we will be at the mercy of currupt politicians.
    We need change in plitical system. We need Presidential system.
    Common persons in Indian have no freedom of speech. Pliticians speak lie always
    Let us unite against currupt politicians

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