A tragedy called V.S.NAIPAUL..

VS Naipaul’s latest barb is that women write inferior ‘tosh’.The author is known to revel in controversies. To call women writers names, is totally uncalled for, but than so called Nobel Prize winners, highly celebrated celebrity authors such as Naipaul, live in a illusionary world of their own. He has become senile, age has caught up with him. Ask a reader, who pays from his pocket, the name of the last book written by Naipaul and you would understand the frustration that Naipaul feels.
The success of writers such as J.K.Rowling makes authors, especially such as Naipaul, who are at the flickering sunset of their careers, jealous with rage and hence the stupid rant.
I am sure that the knighthood conferred on “Sir Vidia” [this was I belive the name of a villain in a Hindi Bollywood musical called Karz too 🙂 ] has made him giddy.
More Brit than a Brit could be, Naipaul remains a literary figure appreciated only by the critics and not the Indian Masses.
Give me a Chetan Bhagat, J.K.Rowling or even our own dirty old man Khushwant Singh anyday….

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