CBI implicates Maran in 2G status report

The year 2011 will be remembered for the highest number of scams and of mindbogging figures, involving Cabinet Ministers.
It is unheard of that a cabinet minister implicated by CBI, continues to remain in office, where as he should have been removed so as to assist the investigating agency.
DMK ministers seem to have literally adopted that charity begins at home. All this revelations, have definitely exposed Manmohan Singh, who seems to be hell bent on shedding his clean image. His diplomacy, being quiet, almost dismissive of all concerns whether from civil society, opposition or media, reeks of cowardice and servile submission to 10 Janpath.
Now after the Supreme Court’s stern observation, hope Mr.Singh is mobilized and stirred enough to do something for his country.
We still have cases of Malnutrition coming from Mumbai, of all the places in India, the financial capital of India. Just imagine the condition of rural areas, and that too when media has already exposed tonnes of foodgrains rotting in govt godowns.

Can India afford such a spineless Prime Minister, is a question we need to ask ourselves.

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