Leadership Vaccum..

The current agitation has exposed the leadership vaccum that exists in our political spectrum. We were aware of the internal power struggle and the petty squabbles that now and than erupt at the BJP headquarters, and now we are aware that the situation is more or less similar at Congress too.

Jaitley’s remark that Congress depends too much on lawyers, although the same can be said about BJP, is true to some extent. Kapil Sibal has always tried to be the troubleshooter for Congress, depending upon his gift of the gab, as a lawyer.

However, Kapil somehow gives one an image of a scheming fox, wonder why no one from Congress has observed this, the feedback can be had from Civil Society and Baba Ramdev. Hence instead of helping Congress, it’s always the opposite, with the high command required to step in to douse the fires started by Sibal and gang.

Manmohan Singh’s silence is scary, it speaks volumes of the state of affairs at Congress. If a man, as educated and as experienced as him can be silenced, that what future does congress intend to shape up for India? Instead of dilly-dallying further, it’s high time that Manmohan Singh should put in his papers, and let Rahul Gandhi take the reins since every kid in India knows that is the first priority of Congress and it’s high command.

I do not see the innocence or naivety of a Rajiv in Rahul, to trust him with the high post, but I am sure that Congress is powerful enough to force the people of India to welcome him as the next PM !!.

Hence let’s get it over and done with please…

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