The Dirty Picture – A Cinegoer’s review

Times are changing, and how!! Makes me only wonder, what if the audience tastes had changed earlier..we could have had some such real gems from the Indian Cinema Industry.

Caught up with this movie in Calcutta, dreading another spoof on the 70s/80s cinematic period. But was I in for a surprise!!.

The Dirty Picture

Vidya Balan has proved with this movie that she is way ahead her contemporaries, if given the right role and right screenplay [Script is important but it is the ultimate screenplay that can turn a mundane script too into a roaring success.This movie has proved that.]

Throughout the movie, I was trying to recall a hollywood movie that had a lasting impact on me and had a similar storyline. This was in the 80s. I could recall the actress’s name – Jessica Lange and had to later google for the movie name [that’s a first for me!]. It was “Frances”, based on the true and tragic story of Frances Farmer, similar to “The Dirty Picture” – based on the true story of Silk Smitha, the sultry siren of the 80s. If the earlier one was blacklisted by Hollywood, than the later was dumped by the very industry that made her a star.

The rags to riches story of Silk Smitha, cannot be captured in totality by the Director in a two hour format, where he needs to serve the interests of self, Producer, artists and the audience, strictly in that order -that’s how our industry works and he fairly succeeds in managing to keep all happy. Balaji Telefilms laughs all the way to the bank, all categories of audience get their dose whether it’s titillation, shock value and a first near-perfect biopic, the impact of which is simply due to the mind blowing effort put in by Vidya Balan.

The background score, songs and lyrics do justice to the 80s, Bappida back with a bang in Ooh La La. The sets, costumes too are well researched. Even the cameos by supporting artists are well sketched – SelvaGanesh, Nahila the journo [She reminded me of Devyani Chaubal, the late bitchy film journo.]

Naseer, does a able job but seems to restrict himself in order to let the main character of Silk shine. While Tushar Kapoor is simply in awe of the superior actors around him and falls flat as the writer brother of Naseer.

Emraan gets a good role, but his character’s disgust right from the start for Silk is not properly developed and so is his sudden liking towards her during the later half of the film. He, as usual, get the best song of the film, “Mera ISHQ sufiana”.

But eventually what strikes the viewer, is the fact that this Debauched and difficult life was actually lived by someone!!.

Though Silk Smitha acted more in South Indian Movies, Hindi cinegoers will remember her has Kamalahasan’s wife in Sadma, where she proved that she could act against veterans. Feel sad, that the end had to be so tragic, but as the dialogue says in the Movie “Silk toh upar bhi Aafat Macha Rahi Hogi
And as another dialogue says “Zindagi ek baar mili hai to do baar sochna kyu?”…so go and watch the movie…

– By Gaurang []

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