Agneepath – Movie Review

First and Foremost – a standing ovation and a hearty welcome to the new BADDIE of INDIAN CINEMA…Rishi Kapoor aka Rauf Lala..

Comparisons are inevitable since the original involved one Mr.Bachchan. But the director manages to give a new fresh contemporary look to the film and at the same time be true to the original.

It is the performances that takes the film above a notch and gives full on entertainment to the audience. Priyanka ofcourse repeats the KAMINEY marathi character here.

Hrithik does full justice to the role but at times one does wish he had more dialogues. Just watch the scene, during ganesh visarjan, when he stabs a hoodlum and introduces himself as VIJAY DINANATH CHAVAN.

But the audience is in for a bonus – for along with KANCHA we get Rauf Lala. Who could imagine Rishi Kapoor fighting Hrithik Roshan – and yet the senior veteran holds on his own. What a performance!!

Sanjay Dutt’s screen presence only can terrorise anyone! He is more scarier that Lord Voldemort as per my son!

Watch the introduction scene, when Kancha sees himself in the mirror and reminisces childhood scorn for being ugly and breaks the mirrors. That was a good touch..

Katrina, in a cameo, lets herself go totally as Chikhni Chameli…

Full PAISA vasool fare….go see it.

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