What the hell is going on ?

Post the dreadful gang rape, it seems media has suddenly discovered that molestations, rapes and abduction need to be reported and hence instead of daily political bickering and gibberish that we were fed has now been replaced by the social evils and injustice faced by us lesser people.

For the channels, it’s all about grabbing eyeballs for TRPs. There was news of 2 boys who committed suicide as they were accused of molestation, and they left a note that they were wrongly accused of the same. Rape is a monstrosity, that needs to be curbed but does not mean, that we go bombastic and try to lynch each and every suspect that we come across.

Pick up any newspaper, and now a days you read rape written on every page, across almost every state in India. We need to think how we need to go about the same, whether in implementing the law, or in publicizing the incidents, as done by the media.

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  1. I completey agree with you. its the media who can make or break things but its us who have to decide on how to deal with the situation- sunita

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