Ram-Leela – Review..


”Goli aur Gussa sahi waqt par kharch karna chaiye”

Come celebrate the Indian version of Romeo and Juliet.. and probably the second best movie after Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo+Juliet..

Bhansali presents a love story, like never before in Indian cinema. A rich mix of colorful visualization, you will feel that the movie is a celebration of holi, with each scene being memorable….

As a first for SLB, there are raunchy dialogues [heard some families gasp and teens giggle continuously through the movie] but never crosses the line.

Each and every song is a treat to watch, listen.. from Tatad Tatad.. to the seductive ‘Ang laga dey’… Lavishly shot, this is one area perhaps where SLB gets to score more than Baz Luhrmann. You are guaranteed to return to the theatres for large screen viewing of the songs.. plain awesome !!

Supriya Pathak gets to play the mobster boss and probably will go down in history as one of the best baddies in Indian cinema – watch her mouth the dialogue [Tu mera guroor hai, maan hai. Teri jagah koi aur hota toh gale kaat deti.] before she cuts the ring finger of Leela !!

Ranveer Singh has nothing left to prove anymore to anyone – He is in top notch form, in every department and his rugged looks and acting make him comfortable in every genre, be it romance, comedy or action.

But it’s Deepika Padukone, who is the soul of the movie.. graceful in every dance move, mischievous in naughty sequences and every inch a love bird that she has to portray.. [watch her be the mobster boss for some time..]

SLB has not only brought RAAS LEELA, but also Krsna’s Ras[rus] Leela to screen…

Go and have a dip in the colors of Ram-Leela..

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