AAP – Kejriwal losing the plot ?

The reversal of FDI, has come as a rude shock to AAP supporters across India. The fact that this will send a wrong signal to the investors across world cannot be undermined.

The so called grocers, baniyas have not exactly been doing social service and have been fleecing people either in terms of money or quality of goods.

We have a right to choose and Kejriwal cannot take that away from us. It’s time AAP pulls up it’s socks and reviews it’s own house and sets it in order.

The confidence on AK’s face is dwindling too, and he looks lost while facing media on controversial questions giving the image that he is unprepared, not exactly the right way for an aspiring PM and an in charge CM to be projected as.

Also whats with any and every tom, dick and harry across the land joining the bandwagon – is there a system in place to ensure that AAP gets more intellectual individuals with requisite experience to lead in politics ?

Vishwas needs to cut down on his rhetoric too, before it boomerangs on his own face.

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