Month: February 2015

Health Minister declares war on tobacco !!

Today’s Mumbai Mirror’s headlines reflect the title of the post.

No doubt R.R.Patil was a well intending politician, a rare breed that continues to survive today among many a wrong party and under wrong leaders. However headlines such as this does make us wonder, when would the death of a common man also solicit such a reaction or action from the government.

Recent news of a drug called Meow Meow, doing rounds of school and the teen circuit was scary enough though we are yet to hear of further action on the same.

Unscrupulous auto drivers continue to rule the roost, and today’s incident of a auto driver doing unbelievable things to himself, while driving and at the same time staring at the woman in the auto is horrific. Such things were unheard of till a few years back.

However we have a capable Rakesh Maria as the police chief and look forward to ridding this city of such scums !


AAP – AK definitely did not lose the plot !

Arvind-Kejriwal-2014-Painting-Art-WallpaperExactly after a year after I posted the earlier post, AK is back with a bang !

And what a bang ! At one swoop, all the senior leaders including the PM seem to have fallen silent by this defeat.

Now it’s up to AK to prove that he is no flash in the pan. He as a very high manifesto to close and provide the Delhi junta.

The Centre support is not going to come easy, and apart from honesty, integrity which he has in abundance, it will also require the shrewdness and political acumen of a seasoned politician.

Both – an political party with absolute majority at center, a decisive PM and people’s first revolutions win hold good signs for the progress of India.

All the best to AAP !!