Pink – Movie Review
By: Date: September 19, 2016 Categories: Entertainment

Pink has been touted as a first of it’s kind movie in Bollywood which raises questions about the patriarchal attitude towards women in India. Yes, this subject is the core of the movie, but I disagree that it has been for the first time in Indian cinema and in fact the subject is treated rather superficially. Damini was a notch higher in terms of film making, though the acting department scores higher in Pink.

The movie for me though brings about the horror of the judicial process in India. We citizens are still scared to take the system on it’s heads due to the time involved. No one wants to do anything to do with a lawyer who are viewed as money grabbing sharks. The girls in the movie have a towering Deepak Sehgal and a sympathetic judge, but real life is a different story !

Amitabh is at his peak [I still consider Piku has his lifetime best]. #AmitabhBachan #Pink
However his recent public letter writing to his daughters etc., took away the charm of the character for me. A straightforward promotion of the movie would have suited his stature.

Piyush Mishra is jarring both for ears and eyes. Rest of the cast supports well.

It’s a courtroom drama which without Amitabh would have been relegated to a B grade movie or perhaps not seen the light of the day. Anushka’s NH10 did much better for women power or if you haven’t, check out The Accused starring Jodie Foster which will stay with you for years.


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