ManmohanSingh speaks up !


Dear Manmohan Singh ji,

First and foremost congratulations on speaking up on behalf of the people of India.. a first.

However it surprises me that though you are renowned for astute statesmanship, today you have revealed that you are nothing but an ordinary politician, one riddled with self-preservation only. This is how paid media perhaps makes icons out of inept beings.

It was your inefficiency and below par performance as a PM, which sunk Congress and brought BJP to power.

You have conveniently forgotten the numerous scams during your regime and the plunder of legitimate national resources, and since some of your cabinet ministers were involved, may I say your term was the greatest “organized loot” in post independent India.

A man of your capability and stature would be expected to reach out to the government in solidarity and support the noble intent by ensuring that the implementation is near to perfect if not totally perfect considering the population of india. But you chose to watch and wait for the PM to attend the parliament to highlight your grievances.

The PM perhaps knows well, what some of us know today, about your priorities and hence did not bother to consult you.

With due respect Sir, do not lose the respect and dignity showered on you by millions despite you being in a corrupt to the core party.

Perhaps in your case, being silent is the best that you can do.

Your’s truly

A disgruntled and inconvenienced, yet patriotic citizen.


#narendramodi #Jayalalithaa

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