2016 –

The year will definitely be remembered for Modi’s demonetization drive, the intent of which I do feel is the right one to clear the mess left behind by the Congress.

However what appalls me, is the behavior of the BJP cadre and this includes the so called elite media and some oft quoted intellectuals, who seem to take offense on any simple query from a layman – such as why 100 Re. notes were not printed in advance in higher number and other points.

Any stance of yours that questions the implementation and the manner is trolled by either public or private abuse..as if it is derogatory and a personal affront to the Modi persona.

Hence the current behavior is equal to what we term as a mob frenzy and is scary to say the least. The confession of a social media professional troll employed by BJP media cell is not limited to the BJP only but to other political parties and also the corporate, as we see on a daily basis between Mistry and Ratan Tata – who till yesterday seemed above reproach. This does not absolve BJP though.

Media too is scarily divided and is focused either on the neighbors – China/Pak, or Political rivalry [Samajwadi etc.] or Bollywood shenanigans [Hrithik/Kangana etc] or the never ending trial of Indrani/Peter or some political honchos in jail..

When did you last see a debate [a sane one] on national television on healthcare, education and civic amenities or a performance review of each of the elected representatives..

What we need to be worried about right now – I do not include the self enlisted followers and workers of political parties in “We” – is the threat to Freedom of Speech and the threat to the secular fabric of this country.

So in 2017 –

I promise to self that I will not get swayed by the rhetoric of any political parties.

I promise to self, will continue to celebrate Diwali, Eid, Christmas, Baisakhi with equal fervor.

I promise to self, will continue to exercise my right to the Freedom of Speech.

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