Month: January 2017

Padmavati imbroglio

By slapping #SanjayLeelaBhanshali #KarniSena has probably done more harm to the so called Rajput cause. A community which perhaps after the Sardar community is considered as one of the bravest caste in India, does not realise that the action was cowardice.

But what deserves perhaps more attention, is that such fringle elements are getting bolder by the day and will the government step in to do something about it or will it follow the politics of Congress to do something if it suits their political need of the day.

I can totally understand the frustration of film fraternity such as #AnuragKashyap and #KaranJohar, which they have expressed on #Twitter. What is unexplainable is the silence of the Khans – all of whom have faced such [social media outrage] in the recent past.

#SLB has it seems consented to some of the demands and requested for peace – perhaps there is no other alternative for him.

What is deplorable are the comments from a Union Minister, supporting the assault on Bhanshali – but is it surprising ?

I did vote for the PM – have I screwed big time ? Time will tell..


Raees – Review


Voila !

The actor in Shah Rukh Khan is back and how !

He gives Indian cinema the best etched character of a gangster Raees perhaps rivaled only by Ajay Devgn’s Sultan Mirza.

The story of a bootlegger who made it big during the 80s and 90s may have had parallels in Indian cinema, but full credit to Shah for underplaying and sinking his teeth into the character. Whether he is taking revenge on his mentor and yet feeling remorse, or stopping a politician hoodlum from taking a procession with violence or being disturbed and asking his wife to leave him alone, he does it with panache.

This is one gangster you will not forget soon.

The movie will transport you back to the 70s-80s cinema, observe the director’s details for Gujarat – you can hear background sounds typical of a Gujarat morning or evening even when the lead actor is mouthing dialogues.

Swades, Chak De had me cheering for Shah the actor, but Raees makes him an actor among stars.

Wow the Khans are indeed on a roll and we are not complaining.

Nawaz proves yet again that he is an explosive actor.

But this one is a Shah Rukh Khan vehicle and am sure word of mouth praise will bring his detractors to the theatres too.

My second viewing will be in a single screen theatre, do not watch it in a multiplex 🙂

Happy Republic Day !