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My son cleared his JEE Mains. He is disappointed. Achieved a rank of 30000 out of lakhs of students [12]. But I was over the moon, not because he cleared the JEE Mains but because I being a parent had a first hand experience of watching his preparation for the exams.

I have had a tug of war relation with education since childhood, ended up changing six schools in ten years of school education due to transfers within country or outside the country. Naturally it had an impact on myself. So as a self imposed rule, I was very clear, no pressure on the education front, to our child, which in India is hugely overestimated and needs a complete overhaul.

His preparation included watching a marathon Netflix season, which kinda worried me, not to mention the ever at hand cellphone.

What was more worrying was some of the responses that I had from a few friends and colleagues, who have a clear misconception of education. IIT is not the end of the world and neither is engineering. Damn, I have been asked to interview CAs and IIM grads during the span of my career, and while many impressed me, believe me I was shocked by quite a few too and wondered how they managed to get such high degrees, so pathetic was their general knowledge.

Within the next 5 years, you will look at the current decade as an medieval period, the world will evolve at such a scorching pace. It will not be your degrees, but your skill to adapt, evolve and present yourself, which will help you survive in a dog eat dog world. Hence more than the degrees, just pray our children are streetsmart, practical and have enough fight in them to survive. Degrees are just additional tools to facilitate your movement in an hierarchical society, but it will take nerves of steel to survive in a highly competitive world and that is the attitude we need to groom in our children.

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