THOR – RAGNAROK! – A review.
By: Date: November 3, 2017 Categories: Entertainment

What a dose of cheerful medicine this movie has been for me ! A total rollercoaster fun ride.

This is perhaps the most true to the comic book movie from Marvel I have seen. #Thor:Ragnarok is not only a visual delight, but also the comedy is spot on. And thank god HULK is back but somehow #MarkRuffalo does not click as #BruceBanner. As Hulk though, he is on a rampage and you get to see the Hulk’s humane side too.

Chris Helmsworth without the trademark hair, still looks Thor and is having a rollicking time in the role. He shares good chemistry with Tom Hiddleston. But it is #CateBlanchett who kills it as his evil sister Hela. She looks and lives the part. Jeff Goldblum disappoints – could’ve been a more solid actor for a tough villain.

The sound track is amazing and I need to get my hands on the OST. CGI department wins it hands down as the most appealing vfx ever seen in such comic book series [though DR Strange was good too and he makes an appearance here].

I just couldn’t believe that this movie is directed by the same director of “Hunt for the Wilderpeople” – Taika Waititi. Wow, what a range!

You will see lot of famous faces throughout the movie like Hopkins, Matt Damon and Sam Neill among others but it is the comic book soul of the movie that stays with you and for vintage comic book lovers like me it’s a nostalgic trip!

Enjoy – I will be catching a second solo viewing!

thor ragnarok

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