Aapla Manus – Review

प्रत्येक घरात डिटेक्टिव नोवेल कथा लिहिलेली असते,

तुमची डिटेक्टिव नोवेल कथा फक्त प्रकाशित झाली..

The powerhouse performer #NanaPatekar is back with none other than #SatishRajwade, Marathi cinemas blue eyed boy-director whose last movie “Ti Sadhya Kai Karte” made everyone nostalgic.

But this is a never before seen thriller and if you see the climax, you may not even categorise it as a thriller but as a social-thriller message movie though it will keep you at the edge of the seat with its twists and turns.

Nana is in a dual role, as the elderly widower Aaba staying with his son Rahul and daughter-in-law Bhakti, and also as the tough as nails crime branch officer Maruti Nagargoje who is investigating whether Aaba’s fall from his home and the resultant coma is the outcome of an attempted suicide or attempted murder.

The director successfully dissects every layer of a happily married home and how it treats it elders and at the same time also highlights how elders due to age or senility, boost hostility unknowingly – with emphasis on “unknowingly” or subconsciously. These day to day conflicts, however trivial it may seem, drive wedges between relationships.

It is to the director’s credit, that he is able to convey a social message, in the garb of a taut thriller. #AaplaManus #AjayDevgnProductions

#SumitRaghavan as the son Rahul and #IravatiHarse as Bhakti, the daughter-in-law are excellent too.

Definitely watchable – but Satish’s “Ti Sadhya Kai Karte” still remains my favourite! 😉

Hope to see more from this director.


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