A tragedy called Indian politics

India is simmering over the rapes, committed in J&K, UP and Assam and elsewhere. And yet if one sees the indian tv channels, one is nauseated by the constant throwback to the sins of the past by each and every party, whether it is #RSS, #BJP or #Congress or another.

The talk of justice eventually veers to religion, caste or even abuses among the so called panelists on the TV channels.

The PM, probably one of the most secure in terms of numbers, and yet so insecure that he seems to be on a constant campaigning for his party. His party’s members, many of them so called spiritual leaders or “sadhus” or even petty criminals are absolutely not afraid of the judiciary and continue to spew venom.

The opposition, Congress namely, is devoid of any leadership and depends on a young man clearly clueless of what ails his country. His speeches and statements are mocked at or turned into memes. His spontaneous statements leaves one incredulous, wondering whether his party leaders are deaf or what. Clearly if he is the leader, Congress is doomed, a fact that would be welcomed by many.

The fringe political parties, totally based on caste politics, continue to hold sway in certain pockets of India and is sure to ride piggyback on BJP’s divisive politics.

The extremely horrific and tragic rape of a 8 year child #Asifa in J&K #Kathua in temple premises, and of Unnao #KuldeepSinghSengar including the death by torture of the father of the girl, exposes India’s tragedy of having a healthy democracy and yet the fear of the authority.

Equality is professed and yet cities are divided in terms of petrol prices, LPG rates or infrastructure…

Apart from this, even after having voted the current government, one is trolled by blind moronic bhakts, for asking a simple logical question!

However I still have faith in the judiciary, though in india it is always delayed.. yet served.

Hope for the best…


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