Modi Mania in London

Agree or disagree with him, but you cannot ignore #NarendraModi. Just caught up with his interaction with #PrasoonJoshi which was telecast on almost all news channels.

While the questions and answers, have been heard before in his speeches, if there is something that our politicians can learn from him is perhaps the spontaneous oratory. It is this very oratory and mastery over language which has spellbound the nation.

It was Mann ki Baat, telecast from the Westminster hall, UK. Very invigorating, inspiring and good to hear. Though we wish that the ground situation reflected the same.

The fact is that there is no alternative leader in the opposition, and Rahul Gandhi has no following among even Congress workers, a fact that the Congress Party headed by his mother continues to neglect.

While a win in 2019 is a definite possibility, Modi needs to ensure that his colleagues in BJP do not spoil the party by their arrogance and outrageous communal and at times bizarre statements.

Apart from the focus on rural india, there is a also a burgeoning middle class which is also the highest vote bank and it is this middle class that the BJP needs to pacify to win with the same margins in 2019 as they did in 2014.

Let’s see where the ships sail…



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