Four More Shots Please! – Review

Wow, was unsure of what to watch and was browsing through digital platforms. All alone in Ahmedabad, had the craving of my regular poison to destress – movies.

A sudden discussion on a whatsapp group of school pals by someone who had seen this one, made me take a chance and was it worth it.. absolutely cause i ended up binge watching the whole season!

Watch it for the performances and the writing. The story, the plot and a few scenes may prompt you to comment about originality too [Sex and the City]. Yet the four actresses, with their performances take it up a notch.

Four friends – Damini [Sayani Gupta as Fearless Journalist and a Startup owner], Siddhi Patel [Maanvi Gagroo – Forever in search of a knight in shining armour, poor little rich kid under pressure by Mom to get hitched], Anjana [Divorced lawyer, single mother and anxiety ridden person] and Umang [VJ Bani – as a gay individual, very independent and gym trainer to celebs] meet up under certain circumstances at a bar owned by Jeh Wadia [Pratiek Babbar] and become best of pals.

4 more shots

Initially apprehensive that this may turn out to be more feminist propaganda, luckily it wasn’t. The casting is just a case of role reversal, and thank god for that, cause the ladies hit the ball out of the park! The background track is awesome too. Neither is it about female empowerment, the story could have been of, of either gender.

Damini gets kicked out of her own company, Anjana has jealous pangs when her husband moves on, Umang being an LGBT faces heartbreak by falling in love with her icon, a movie star, #LisaRay and has relationship with her, and Siddhi realizes by spending time with her friends that life’s not only about getting hitched. The four friends are there for each other and reminisce about their childhood and worry together about life ahead.

Being on digital platform, please note it is a rated watching. At the same time, I do not think it is something new for the urban folks.

The episodes will take you through the fun, sad, anxious, blissful and happy times of the four friends. #MaanviGagroo is a natural, loved her !

So collect your best pals, order 4 more shots and watch this together! Cheers.

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