On BBC, I saw a Indian doctor, anonymously, confess and show videos that testing in India is just not enough.

Lot of people with symptoms are being turned away due to lack of testing kits.

Even the medical community is at risk and kits are not available for them too.

With a population of 1.3 billion people, the majority of which live in conditions, live neck to neck and have no other options, a complete extension of the lockdown is a must.

It goes without saying that India’s rate of testing viz-a-viz it’s population is the lowest in the world.

Healthcare workers, State police and services workers are at the maximum risk – and so are their families. #Natendramodi

Yes, economy needs to be revived and businessmen are at tenterhooks to get things back to normal but a staggered opening of lockdown will be suicide !! #Lockdown #Coronavirus

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