And they are back !

Had caught up with Season 1 when I was stuck for a weekend in Ahmedabad, and now I got time during lockdown, again in Ahmedabad..

Saw 4 episodes, and Siddhi Patel is roaring and enjoying her life, moving with a vengeance from one stud to another.. if the first season saw #MaanviGàagro be an absolute natural, this season proves that the role is tailor made for her.. she’s plain awesome, as the fumbling, bubbly, at times wrong with her choices yet innocent at heart Siddhi Patel. #FourMoreShotsPlease

#KirtiKulhari and #SayaniGupta too are top notch, and their characters and situations are well developed by the writers. Having seen Sayani G in some different movies, she is an chameleon.

Bani and Lisa Ray’s story though may seem like a single narrative and Bani’s helpless expressions get a tad annoying..

Prateik Babbar looks fantastic with his new chiseled body.. he deserves better roles.

The story of four friends showcase a gamut of emotions, life lessons, relationship goals and yet keeps the entertainment quotient high, without being preachy.

Definitely watchable, probably you would end up binge watching it too – do note it’s a rated watch on Amazon Prime.


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