Lockdown = BJP’s notice period ?

Before some friends get agitated, do note the question mark in the title.

Attended Gadkari’s live session on twitter with small scale industry leaders, while the problems were enumerated, the answer was that they will revert back and people were asked to “submit” their problems.

Do the people really need to “submit” their problems for the government to understand the issues. ? How difficult it is for the bureaucracy to look around and find it out for themselves. You just need to take a walk outside your building to understand the problems of your next door grocer.

The lockdown is necessary for the virus to not spread – no doubt about it – but the government needs to analyze the impact of the lockdown too and accordingly THINK AND INNOVATE the solutions too. It cannot be a blank shutdown of services across the country.

The video of the auto driver damaging his own vehicle, after being stopped and beaten by the police speaks volumes – hear him say how he has not had a single morsel of food in the last 3 days.

Checkout the frustration and determination of a son, Arif, cycling from Mumbai to Jammu, Rajouri to help his father [He was eventually helped by our uniform angels].

But not all are so lucky, the impact of lockdown if not analyzed properly, may end up killing more people than the virus. A person starved to death in Ahmedabad.

It would help BJP / State Govts to work closely, and implement partial lockdown, the onus of ensuring that we do not get the virus – is on the people too unless someone has suicidal tendency and does not adhere to social distancing. It’s time to partially lift the lockdown for non-essentials too – along with stringent social distancing measures.

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