Futility of Stardom – Sushant Singh Rajput

A barrage of videos, opinions, solutions and suggestions were received post the untimely demise of Sushant Singh Rajput. #SSR #SushantSinghRaput #@itSSR


#Nepotism is industry is at fault, and the key players are Karan Johar, Salman Khan, Yash Raj Films etc etc – seems to be an unanimous opinion across the social media.

Remember when 3 IDIOTS was released, and was an massive hit, it ignited discussions around how in India, a doctor wants his child to be a doctor, an engineer wants his child.. you got the gist.

It exists everywhere, especially in India. In case of SSR, it was his naivety to expect anything else – and bollywood is a frivolous world – a world of make believe after all.

A few projects being snatched away was not the end of the world and going by newer updates he had a few upcoming projects too. And what is this talk about TV vs Films – Today we see Salman, Rohit Shetty, Akshay, SRK all minting money on TV too.

SSR was in a fragile space – in and out of relationships, under the burden of his own ambitions, some really tough.. he was tough on himself and seems to have been in the habit of constantly evaluating self – no doubt some politics may have been played in breaking his morale, his self esteem. But did it really demand an exit, in the manner which he did ?

What about his immediate family ? Their dreams about him and flying along with him and his success. There are scores of people struggling in Mumbai, who would have given their right arm to achieve half the success that SSR did.

The death was a result, I feel due to depression brought about by over expectations, low self esteem and lack of communication with others and also self – remember you need to talk to yourself also with positivity ! Do not allow those thoughts to fester in your mind.

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  1. Well said. I absolutely agree that SSR was probably more tough on himself and over expectations from himself. One shud give time to achieve the goals… RIP SSR

  2. You’ve put things is perspective directly. However, I strongly feel, bullying, monopolising, abandonment et al did push him at the edge. I cannot get him out of my mind since he left …… He ruled many hearts and I totally agree he d do great simply with web series also had he remembered where he came from. Adherence to one’s roots is important; self accept, self love and empathy too. Dreams are meant to accomplish during life on earth, he probably went on to chase something we cannot fathom.

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