Shlok from Ramayana by Valmiki

लोक-नीति -न चातिप्रणयः कार्यः कर्त्तव्योप्रणयश्च ते ।
उभयं हि महान् दोसस्तस्मादन्तरदृग्भव ॥


मृत्यु-पूर्व बालि ने अपने पुत्र अंगद को यह अन्तिम उपदेश दिया था- तुम किसी से अधिक प्रेम या अधिक वैर न करना, क्योंकि दोनों ही अत्यन्त अनिष्टकारक होते हैं, सदा मध्यम मार्ग का ही अवलम्बन करना।

[The last message which Bali conveyed to his son Angad before his death was – Do not love someone too much nor hate too much, because both will be harmful to you, so always follow the middle road (to balance your future)].

The above is from Ramayan.

Shashi Tharoor has posted today on twitter, of how it was Rajiv Gandhi who was the first one to “allow” VHP to do shilanyas [foundation stone] on undisputed land after the faizabad high court opened the locks.

This is typical of a Congressi – who till all this years denied that Rajiv had anything to do with the ram mandir issue and today they, in order to gain support among hindus highlight the above again. At the same time, they also highlight, to gain support among muslims, that it was the allahabad high court which was responsible for opening up the locks.

So typical of a Congressi – who today have lost their identity and seats to almost all parties and in some cases their own men too. A spineless leadership is defined by them.

Congress, as per the shlok from Ramayana, is not in love with anyone but it’s own survival.

So how and when did BJP arrive on the scene – BJP took it up as a political opportunity supporting VHP during the 80s/90s.

Why do I say political opportunity – for that you need to understand the era of Mandal Commission and its repercussion on the vote banks i.e. YOU.

It was #LalKrishnaAdvani whose Ram Rath Yatra did the needful of associating the hindu identity with the ram mandir issue across the nation, consolidating the majority vote bank divided by Mandal Commission on the basis of faith.

The videos flooding the internet, an incident that was repeatedly shown on our black and white TVs, confirmed he was taken aback and shocked by the Babri Masjid demolition, not being able to control the crowds.

He lost his way, not sure whom to love and whom not to – he worships Ram but also conveyed to the nation that he worshipped Jinnah – an icon considered as the architect of the most painful period of India – the Partition.

Advani did not only pay respects to Jinnah’s tomb in Pakistan, but also laid rest to his own political career in India and more so among his own compatriots and BJP.

Advani forgot, in trying to strike a balance – that Jinnah was no more an Indian identity, there cannot be a “political” balance as both are different nations. And in doing so – he became exactly that, which he accused his political enemies of, a pseudo-secular.

Muslim leadership was absolutely at sea, in trying to fight the lethal combination of religion and politics. In fact every utterance during the decades on this issue, only helped the BJP gain further strength. An introspection on the failure is necessary.

Enter #Modi – In order to get the things done in the legible way, Supreme Court laid the first foundation in Nov 2019 by it’s judgment on #RamMandir issue, thus paving the way for the Ram Mandir.

You [me included], may agree or disagree with Modi and his policies, views and actions, but it is a fact that in today’s political arena, he does not have any challenge in the form of a leader in any opposite political party and including the #BJP. A sad fact, as a healthy democracy needs good leaders even in opposition.

Supporters of every political party should focus on trolling their own parties to develop a leader, rather than troll supporters of other political parties.

Remember it took decades to reach the foundation stone and a huge “collateral” damage for the nation. IF anyone benefited during these decades, it were the same political parties at your cost.

#NarendraModi is facing the biggest Ravan of his career, the current crisis, that threatens the livelihood of its citizens, economical backbone of the country. He has had to adopt the same policies – tax more – which he and his colleagues loudly protested of the earlier regime. #Diwali

Will he be able to achieve the balance between faith, hunger, economy ?

We surely hope so, for the sake of our nation.Ram Vs Ravan - Critical Lessons for a Spiritual Seeker - Drishtikone

Now go back to the shlok from the #Ramayana – understand the words of Bali and the context of this post -before you react.

#JaiShriRam ! Jai Hind !

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