The Trial Of The Chicago 7

A true story, the movie is the need of the hour I feel in a nation like ours, which unfortunately seems to be polarized at various layers.
A legal drama [A few good men was also directed by Allan Sorkin], it highlights the farce of a trial of different activists, protesting against the vietnam war.
A biased judge, a vindictive government intends to makes examples out of innocent, conscientious citizens – charging them for sedition, no less.
For the first and last time ever in an american courtroom, a black activist who was in the city for only 4 hours, but because he represented the black panthers, was arrested, gagged and his hands tied.
There are two activists among them who are actually arrested so that they can be discharged as innocents and a balance can be achieved in discharging justice !
Now relate this to the various cases in India – are you aware 3 activists were acquitted last year of sedition charges linking them to Marxist naxals in Bengal, but they spent 14 years of their life in jails.
If I have a copy of Karl Marx at home – it can be used / misused to represent that I am a communist.. but I also have Mein Kampf!
Watch it friends, it will help you judge better – not all that you read / see in the print / visual medium may necessarily be true.
Calls for a family viewing… #TheTrialOfTheChicago7  .

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