Lockdown = BJP’s notice period ?

Lockdown = BJP’s notice period ?

Before some friends get agitated, do note the question mark in the title.

Attended Gadkari’s live session on twitter with small scale industry leaders, while the problems were enumerated, the answer was that they will revert back and people were asked to “submit” their problems.

Do the people really need to “submit” their problems for the government to understand the issues. ? How difficult it is for the bureaucracy to look around and find it out for themselves. You just need to take a walk outside your building to understand the problems of your next door grocer.

The lockdown is necessary for the virus to not spread – no doubt about it – but the government needs to analyze the impact of the lockdown too and accordingly THINK AND INNOVATE the solutions too. It cannot be a blank shutdown of services across the country.

The video of the auto driver damaging his own vehicle, after being stopped and beaten by the police speaks volumes – hear him say how he has not had a single morsel of food in the last 3 days.

Checkout the frustration and determination of a son, Arif, cycling from Mumbai to Jammu, Rajouri to help his father [He was eventually helped by our uniform angels].

But not all are so lucky, the impact of lockdown if not analyzed properly, may end up killing more people than the virus. A person starved to death in Ahmedabad.

It would help BJP / State Govts to work closely, and implement partial lockdown, the onus of ensuring that we do not get the virus – is on the people too unless someone has suicidal tendency and does not adhere to social distancing. It’s time to partially lift the lockdown for non-essentials too – along with stringent social distancing measures.

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Tiger ! Tiger ! Tail on Fire !

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I have given up on Indian News Channels however at times when I feel the need for some comedy and good laughs I do resort to them.

Saw an interview of Sanjay Raut on one such channel, where he mentioned how he met Sharad Pawar for issues related to Farmers. Boy did I have a good laugh!

Bonus is, the channel kept airing it again and again similar to Ekta Kapoor’s serials, where the actors repeat each dialogue three times “Kya! Kya! Kya!”.

When the layman can see through the political machinations of Pawar, was Uddhav so naive enough to rely on him for support. Does he not know that Pawar like the Shakespearean Merchant of Venice, Shylock, always has the bigger pound of flesh and nothing less will do.

Did he really expect him to support a kid [as compared to Pawar] like Aditya Thackeray as CM and work under him along with Sonia.

Cmon! Not only have you lost an ally, but more importantly lost the confidence of the people who voted for you, lost the confidence of the shiv sainik and the marathi manus.

Had Balasaheb been there, it would have been NCP doing the rounds of Matoshree, trying to work out a deal.

More then the ShivSena, the current situation is a tight slap to the voters, especially in Mumbai, who continued to vote for the party despite it being a stronghold in BMC and totally destroyed the city.

Do not be surprised if NCP, what with Modi praising NCP in Rajyasabha, is approached by the BJP with an offer that increases NCP’s clout among farmers in exchange for “outside” support.



Howdy Modi !

Howdy Modi ? Howdy indeed !

Heard the speech of #PMModi on Youtube after receiving an whatsapp msg on it from a dear friend yesterday morning. An absolutely gobsmacking performance, seen for the first time by an Indian leader on American soil, at least in my lifetime.

He trumped #Trump in his own backyard.

The speech will go in to history as a textbook case study of how to corner your counterpart without patronising him and yet make him feel obliged to deliver what you want.

Knowing very well, that millions of indians will be glued to the idiotbox, he dealt a deathblow to the congress party by coming out with blazing guns on #article370 – a confidence rarely seen in an Indian leader before, perhaps the exception being Indira Gandhi.

Despite being criticized in quite a few international forums ( read biased media ) on the restrictions imposed in #Kashmir, the PM bravely declared that it was an almost unanimous decision by both houses of the parliament – this conveyed an hidden and yet a loud message to Trump that even the opposition was with him on 370.

His comment and phrase “incremental change” being followed by his predecessor’s will ring for long in the ears of the congressmen. At the same time, the emphasis on giving a “farewell” to such approach and bringing in permanent changes will also ring loud among the audience, reminding them again of article 370.

Using the widely televised platform to thank Trump for solid support and stand on fight against terrorism, he unilaterally demolished Pakistan’s all efforts to bring Kashmir in international courts.

Trump, being the shrewd businessman that he is, knew that Imran cannot get him votes in America but Modi can. He willingly played into the hands of Modi. Modi gifted him an standing ovation too 😅 ! Trump must have felt that an “Apprentice” was recruiting him and probably insecure too that this immigrant/asian leader has the key to the numbers of his survival game at the chair.

Modi revealed that he is a decision maker but also a risk taker, again by delivering a slap to congress that he takes challenges head on and does not procrastinate on them.

Pakistan probably has become a social pariah among the international community post #HowdyModi !

A big thanks to the PM #NarendraModi in boosting India’s image and also the negotiating power worldwide.

A stupendous blockbuster indeed, what is now required is to deliver on the multitude of issues that we have at home whether it is the infrastructure, civic amenities, farmer suicides, quadrilateral project completion, alternate energy fuels, carbon footprint, reservation on the basis of economic criteria, revamping the complete school education system, judiciary reforms, Inflation/Fiscal deficit and last but not the least UNIFORM CIVIL CODE.

Modi Mania in London

Agree or disagree with him, but you cannot ignore #NarendraModi. Just caught up with his interaction with #PrasoonJoshi which was telecast on almost all news channels.

While the questions and answers, have been heard before in his speeches, if there is something that our politicians can learn from him is perhaps the spontaneous oratory. It is this very oratory and mastery over language which has spellbound the nation.

It was Mann ki Baat, telecast from the Westminster hall, UK. Very invigorating, inspiring and good to hear. Though we wish that the ground situation reflected the same.

The fact is that there is no alternative leader in the opposition, and Rahul Gandhi has no following among even Congress workers, a fact that the Congress Party headed by his mother continues to neglect.

While a win in 2019 is a definite possibility, Modi needs to ensure that his colleagues in BJP do not spoil the party by their arrogance and outrageous communal and at times bizarre statements.

Apart from the focus on rural india, there is a also a burgeoning middle class which is also the highest vote bank and it is this middle class that the BJP needs to pacify to win with the same margins in 2019 as they did in 2014.

Let’s see where the ships sail…



A tragedy called Indian politics

India is simmering over the rapes, committed in J&K, UP and Assam and elsewhere. And yet if one sees the indian tv channels, one is nauseated by the constant throwback to the sins of the past by each and every party, whether it is #RSS, #BJP or #Congress or another.

The talk of justice eventually veers to religion, caste or even abuses among the so called panelists on the TV channels.

The PM, probably one of the most secure in terms of numbers, and yet so insecure that he seems to be on a constant campaigning for his party. His party’s members, many of them so called spiritual leaders or “sadhus” or even petty criminals are absolutely not afraid of the judiciary and continue to spew venom.

The opposition, Congress namely, is devoid of any leadership and depends on a young man clearly clueless of what ails his country. His speeches and statements are mocked at or turned into memes. His spontaneous statements leaves one incredulous, wondering whether his party leaders are deaf or what. Clearly if he is the leader, Congress is doomed, a fact that would be welcomed by many.

The fringe political parties, totally based on caste politics, continue to hold sway in certain pockets of India and is sure to ride piggyback on BJP’s divisive politics.

The extremely horrific and tragic rape of a 8 year child #Asifa in J&K #Kathua in temple premises, and of Unnao #KuldeepSinghSengar including the death by torture of the father of the girl, exposes India’s tragedy of having a healthy democracy and yet the fear of the authority.

Equality is professed and yet cities are divided in terms of petrol prices, LPG rates or infrastructure…

Apart from this, even after having voted the current government, one is trolled by blind moronic bhakts, for asking a simple logical question!

However I still have faith in the judiciary, though in india it is always delayed.. yet served.

Hope for the best…


AAP & DOWN – Mayank Gandhi

When I bought this book, to be frank, I thought it would be a dry tale or retelling of the rise and fall of AAP as a political party. Because who doesn’t know of AAP and Arvind Kejriwal – the visual media has done and keeps doing it post mortem almost on a daily basis. Every mistake of a AAP leader, is sure to be on prime time.

However to my pleasant surprise, this book is not only of the movement called Aam Aadmi Party but it is a semi-biography of Mayank Gandhi himself and from his enthusiasm of doing something for the nation to his disappointment with his icons, whether Anna Hazare or AK, it is a reflection of every volunteer, every citizen who saw a silver lining on the dark political clouds of India but now feels cheated, disappointed and devoid of any enthusiasm or nationalism anymore.

It is a frank as-is account of AK vis-a-vis AAP. But at the same time, some of the examples given where it seems AK tries to manipulate or is depicted as a shrewd strategist, one also feels what other options did he have – for all our respect for gandhian ideals, we know that Gandhi would have been an abject failure, if he had to deal with today’s Indian politicians. #MayankGandhi #AAP #ArvindKejriwal

The biggest flaw of AK here is his failure to recognise the real leaders and his true comrades and also his failure to communicate convincingly to his party leaders of why he did so to each and every decision he unilaterally took.

The chapter on Anna does not come as a surprise though, as the author himself observed, Anna with his simplistic approach towards politics could never be the leader of a political party and perhaps no one knows this better than Anna. He uses his charisma, respect and stature to mobilise people support against issues and I think for this only reason we need to thank him.

The party’s imminent downfall is apparent in an chapter where in a PAC meeting, a member uses the names of Prithviraj Chauhan and Mahmud of Ghazni as an analogy. One can observe the delusion that power brings on lesser mortals.

While the author’s contribution and perseverance in projects such as Global Parli deserves a salute, his writing at times conveys a self defeat, of being let down by his leaders. This is a natural human reaction, but it would be a tremendous loss to the nation and to its citizens if we lost leaders such as Mayank Gandhi to pessimism.

A very transparent, in your face account of the revolution that was not to be, do not miss it, it is a must read.


Indian IT – Emperor with new clothes !

Infosys 50% hike to top execs

As a child one of my favorite stories and still is, Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Emperor’s New Clothes”.

A vain emperor, who obsesses about fine clothes and jewellery, is told by a few con-men that they would prepare for him clothes, that would be visible to only the intelligent, competent people and will be invisible to the stupid, incompetent and un-intelligent people.

After acting it out or miming that they are dressing up the emperor, even the emperor ignores his own reflection in the mirror fearing that he may be exposed as incompetent and goes along the false flattery by the con-men. He not only ignores that he is butt-naked, but also arranges to parade himself showing of his newly acquired clothes among his subjects.

All of his subjects, continue to praise the emperor, despite being shocked that the emperor is naked! It is only when a small child, who expected to see the finery on his king, is disappointed and shouts out that the emperor has no clothes at all on him, that some of the subjects start laughing and say the some. While the emperor himself and those who fear of being outcasts, keep up the facade.

Now if you replace the emperor with Indian IT, the con-men with the balance sheet manipulators, and the subjects with IT employees, it completes the story.

Just a few months back, there was a huge public fallout about the lack of transparency in Infosys Governance, with some strong statements by the usually reticent Narayana Murthy. The senior stakeholders chose media to converse with each other and share their opinions. Cut to post Brexit and Trump scenario, Infosys was one of the first to layoff employees, citing “performance appraisal” review process, which is usually used in IT industry as part of cost cutting process when the pressure on margins increase. Many of such employees have evidence of their credible performances through emails and citations achieved during their tenure, but had reached higher cost or pay packets.

#NarayanaMurthy sad over layoffs

What changed in the last six months, that that a renowned IT giant goes from accusations of poor governance, to layoffs (cost cutting) and then rewards as high as 50% to the top bosses. Did the cost cutting, made the balance sheets so attractive?

Why is the revered #NarayanaMurthy who came out guns blazing on the governance issue, so muted over the layoffs. ?

Why cannot our leaders be real leaders, and take a 1 Re., pay check for a year, when they already have millions in the banks ? Is any thought given to those employees, who may have home loans, medical issues and children’s education to pay for ?

Why were we not prepared to face global changes, and protect our working environment proactively? Did we just found out that Digital and Automation are going to be the key players – it has been around since ages now. Why our workforce is not deemed to be ready, whose responsibility was it to train and make sure that our workforce is skilled to suit the customer requirements. ?

Questions there are, and perhaps not easy to answer. But the leaders need to look within, and while rewards do need to be given to those who deserve and philanthropy is good for society at large, please remember your working class, the people who bring the moolah on the table and are part of the very same society.

Let’s hope the emperor soon realizes, that it is skills, efforts and acknowledgement of it’s true subjects, which can help him put up with some brand new clothes.

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  • Disclaimer – The above is a personal opinion and viewpoint of the blogger.



The alienation of Kashmir

#PareshRawal‘s tweet has created a furore on twitter.
#Kashmir is story written in blood, unfortunately it has been the blood of the common kashmiri, whether a muslim or a pandit. It’s so called leaders, both within the state and outside of it are oblivious to the pain and the helplessness of such kashmiris.
Article 370 has done irreparable damage to Kashmir and the process to integrate it with India. No wonder Dr Ambedkar had refused to draft it. Today for any government, including the current one, it will be impossible to revoke article 370. Though the rhetoric to do so, has been on since at least my lifetime.
During my college years, I had read about Governor Jagmohan’s strong headed approach towards law and order, which was applauded then, but today seems like one of the major reasons for a Kashmiri to lose faith in Indian governance. A sensitive approach by politicos, would have perhaps helped India. The Abdullahs have been ineffective, and are no match compared to Sheikh Abdullah. they are just thriving in politics as part of inheritance.
1984 ant-sikh riots, 1992 babri riots led to further alienation of the kashmiri youth, misled by the separatists like Geelani, Lone and Yasin Malik.
Only if our leaders, both Indian and Pakistanis, look forward to the future and work jointly, can instill some peace in this wonderful state..
As for twitter wars, they are just that, five minutes of fame or eyeballs for participants. #ArundhatiRoy #PareshRawal #SwaraBhaskar
naye kirdaar aate jaa rahe hai..
magar naatak purana chal raha hai..
As for Kashmir, the apt verse is …
dekhonge to har mod pe mil jayengi lashe,
dhoondoge to is shahr main qatil na milega..