Happy Independence Day!

"A Very Happy Independence Day to you all"


Pawar Talk

Pawar says that Farmers should switch over to different vocations and leave farming for good!!
Did he really say that? This coming from the Minister of Agriculture is a shock!!
I wish for a Civil Revolution now…seriously..

Great KHALI and Mahatma Gandhi

Was surfing the channels after coming from office, after a torturous drive from Vikhroli via Powai [war zone] to Andheri.
Being in a similar mood – I opted for Ten Sports to watch Freaks pounding Freaks on WWF, so that I could imagine doing that to the BMC officials and cool down…but then Khali from Punjab, India was introduced by his manager as being revered by Indians as much as the Mahatma!!
Why me man…why..can’t even watch tv without boling blood…

Saw this 2 movies…

Amores perros 


Comments from IMDB.com
Maybe for most of you, people outside third-world countries like Mexico or Colombia, my home, movies like ths one are only representations of another world… something away from you. My city, medellin, is one of the most dangerous cities on the world. Mexico city can be as dangerous as medellin. I`m not talking about politics. maybe you haven`t lived violence as near as i have, but im gonna tell you something, that is the main reason i voted 9 this movie: Amores perros is not fiction. Its a perfect peep to what life is here. We have expensive models that go to stupid tv shows, we have dog fighting, we have mercedes, we have old trucks, we have killers, businessmen, we feel love, we have houses… our life, as you can see in the movie, isn`t as different as you think. Amores perros can show you that life is not easy here. but that`s it. What you saw is thousand`s of people life. that`s why it`s so magic to you. Yourè seeing what you will never live there, in london, new york, seattle, paris, berlin… reality is weirder than fiction… see it on amores perros, and you`ll believe me… live it here, and no movie will surprise you
The Locker

compared to other Japanese films such as RING and KAIRO, this is simple stuff. Still, if you like J-Horror, this is worth checking out.

Sanjay aka Munna sentenced to 6 yrs…

The Verdict’s out – our munna’s sentencing is done…
As Emerson said "Do not believe that possibly you can escape the reward of your action", Dutt got his reward!
Let us not believe that the so called "endearing / childlike" sunjubaba does not deserve this sentencing, in fact it’s a light sentence. 
The magnetic tapes on which his conversation with Anis Ibrahim was recorded and the printouts of which were submitted but could not be termed as evidence as the tapes were destroyed as part of regular procedure.
We now know the famous chit-chat he had at Nashik with his colleagues, the recordings of which was available on the internet too for sometime and was also published by the media. He was quite at ease talking to this guys, some of whom today are termed as international terrorists by Interpol.
Munna should accept this justice now that he is preaching gandhigiri and dutifully repent and pay for his actions at the jail. Bapu would be proud of you. Do not try to explore the loopholes of the system, Gandhi would never do that!
Good judgment comes from experience, and often experience comes from bad judgment…That was one bad judgement by you sanju!
Yes we would definitely miss the actor in you for sure!


10 common traps of outsourcing


1. Lack of management commitment


2. Minimal knowledge of outsourcing methodologies


3. Lack of an outsourcing communications plan


4. Failure to recognize outsourcing business risks


5. Failure to tap into external sources of knowledge


6. Not dedicating the best and brightest internal resources


7. Rushing through the initiative


8. Not appreciating cultural differences


9. Minimizing what it will take to make the vendor productive


10. Poor relationship management programs


Based on Power, Bonifazi and Desouza (2004)